Schools Expect Excellence – You Teach Excellence

3 months ago Nevaeh Curtis Comments Off on Schools Expect Excellence – You Teach Excellence


Schools Don’t Teach students what to do to excel in their school work. The schools systems expect student to excell in their studies , but schools Reward Excellent Student Performance.

It’s a fact –

  • Students attending Low-Performing Schools can and do perform above the schools state and national

    expected levels of achievement. As simple as you may think it is:

Students who practice the Art of Excellence become High Performing Students.

Here, at Schools Don’t Teach This, we provide parents with the tools to teach this: the Art of Excellence

  • Lots of Encouragement
  • Free Information
  • Multi-media Training
  • All sorts of tools

KikaEnterprises coaches you with “how-to training” in a variety of ways to help your child apply the art of excellence:

  • As a child who can maximize their learning in the public schools system.
  • As a child who can think clearly in challenging situations.
  • As a child who is able to clearly and coherently express their thoughts.
  • As a child who is willing to produce their best quality in any task they choose.
  • As a child who is well received by everyone in their community.