Our Lady of Fatima School


May 2011




During the month of May, we will practice the virtue of Patience.

Patience is waiting in hope for the will of God to be done.


Patience is an expression of love and respect as we wait for another to suggest, do or neglect to do something that we see as important.


Patience is a measure of how we are able to walk in another person’s shoes for any length of time to know the difficulties or challenges they experience.

Patience is the unique virtue that we sometimes expect from everyone except ourselves.


Take a few minutes to reflect on how well you practice the virtue of patience every day….at home, in school…in a long waiting line….waiting to give a response in class and so many other times each day.


Mary, our Mother is the perfect model of patience. Responding positively to God’s call to be the mother of Jesus, she waited in patient love for God the Father to bring about His will for her and for us.


Let us make a conscious effort to be aware of the many opportunities we have each day to wait in patience for God’s work to be done through us and through His Church.


We live in a very fast paced world.  Let us pray for patience as we strive to follow Jesus and Mary in being kind and patient with others. Let us put on the spirit of Jesus and Mary during this month of May.  Imagine all the good we can do by listening and acting with patience.