Prepare your gift for the world

3 months ago Nevaeh Curtis Comments Off on Prepare your gift for the world

Each time your child leaves the warmth and comfort of your home, your gift is on display. Not long after your child was born, you brought the gift into the public eye for all to see and admire. Children just automatically draw peoples’ attention. Usually, young children go into the public eye in the safety of your presence. You are with them when they leave home. If you are like me, you want to be proud of how your child represents your family. This is the best time to embed the art of excellence into their habits. Young children do not venture outside of the front door alone. Young children leave home accompanied by an older person who can monitor appropriate public behavior. The older the child grows, the more he or she is expected to know how to behave in public. And as the child matures society expects the child to represent what you have prepared for the world. Finally, when your child reaches adulthood, your gift is on perpetual display.